Booster's Club

Boosters' Club

Boosters' Club is a critical funding mechanism for Miramonte Athletics. Boosters’ Club has committed over $110,000 to our athletic programs for the 2017-18 school year and we need to raise a minimum of $200.00 per athlete to meet that promise (assuming 100% participation from all families of student-athletes).

Thanks to member donations, Boosters is able to purchase much-needed equipment, gear, and supplies for all of our sports teams. More importantly, the club helps pay for the salaries of the Athletic Trainer, Strength & Conditioning Coach, and the Nutrition Consultant to work with our students. The school and the teams also depend on the Boosters’ Club to pay for big-ticket capital purchases such as scoreboards, sports mats, goals, nets, pop up tents for shade, spectator benches, and much more.

The MHS Boosters’ Club is a nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible. We encourage you to become part of “The Team Behind the Teams”!

If you do not have a student ID, please use 7777777 (seven 7’s) when making your donation.

For more information visit our website